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egiments, of the Grena●dier, Coldstream, and Scots Fusilier Guards,▓ the 1st Royal


s, the 2nd Queen’●s, and the 3rd Buffs, with the 1s●t and 2nd Life Guards and the Hors●e Guards.The standing army had thus▓ i


ncreased from three thousand to abou▓t eight thousand men.The cavalry● regiments were formed of from three to eight t▓roops, an


d the foot regiments had twelve▓60 companies.Though dressed in scarlet, the● relics of body armour were lon▓g retained in the c


uirass, and, ●with the men, the pot helmet● in addition; but the officers wore plumed hats.● The arms of the mounted troops we?/p>

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坮e sword and carbine, with pistol●s having barrels fourteen inches long, a●nd thr


owing a ball of fourteen to th●e

egiment, o


pound.The infantry carried, some t

f marching


he s▓ixteen-foot pike, and others



a m●usket of a calibre similar t

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●o the pistol, the cartridges of which w●ere carried in a bandolier.The bandolie▓

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r was a leather belt worn over t▓he shoulder, from which depended a series of ●sma

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    ll wooden boxes, each containing a c●harge: the bullets were carried in ●a bag, whence the present name o●f “b

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    all-bag” for the soldier’s ammunition ●pouch is derived.Before beginning to load, ●the bullet

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    was frequently pl▓aced in the mouth. During this period, too,▓ the bayonet was introduced,

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    but at▓ first was a simple dagger scr●ewed or stuck in t

  • unlimited storage

    he muzzle of the▓ firelock, and known as a “plug-ba●yon

  • unique design

    et.” It took its name from Bayonne, whe●re it was first

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made, and is firs●t mentioned in a British Royal Warrant of ●1672 in the armament of a regiment of dragoons ▓who were to have “the matchlock musket, a coll▓ar of bandoliers, and a bayonet ●or great knife.” But pe

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rhaps the most not●eworthy reminiscence of those days is the fo●undation of Chelse

to the permanent organis▓ation, as r
双柏县 大姚县 武定县 牟定县 永仁县 姚安县 大理市 剑川县 弥渡县 云龙县